Let's talk about "Login with Facebook"

We know some of you worry about your information when you see a login with Facebook button, so we've put together this information to help you understand when it's safe, and when it's not safe to use facebook to log into 3rd party sites like ours.

Firstly, what is login with facebook? and why do sites use it?

Login with facebook is a tool produced by facebook to let users sign up to 3rd party sites (Like TestAwesome) super quickly, Most sites use this simply so you don't have to fill in a long form, or remember an additional password to log into the new site you want to use

Sounds good, how does it work?

Essentially the developer (A site like TestAwesome) shows a page hosted by facebook, which you log into, this then passes information from Facebook to the developer (That's us!). The information that is passed from facebook depends upon the permissions the developer requests, and that you as the user approves. That's where things get more complicated.

The login Box & Permissions

Whenever you try and log in with facebook you'll see a screen like the one below, this is the page you need to pay the most attention too. If you are vigilant, no app can get information from Facebook that you don't want it too - and this is where most of the scam sites trick you by requesting lots of additional permissions hoping that you will not read the page.

The information you need to pay close attention to on this screen is what information the site is getting. You'll notice for TestAwesome we request your public profile, and your email address - This is pretty much the minimum that Facebook will send. This means this is the only information that facebook will send us.

If you see anything in here on different sites that looks suspicious (such as your messages, your friends list, your posts, the ability to post on your wall etc) we recommend you do not connect to that app.

It's a common misconception that if you login with Facebook the developer will get all your info, they only get the info that is show on this screen. It is not possible for a site or app to get information without you giving them permission on this screen, Facebook will not grant them permission to everything.

You'll also notice at the bottom of the screen it says "This doesn't let the app post to your Facebook", this is another key peice of the puzzle, if it doesn't say this - the site you are using will be able to post on your facebook, if it does say this it is impossible for the site to post on your facebook page without your permission.


Hopefully this page has helped you better understand what developers can and can't do with "Login with facebook", and will help you identify site that are using it for good (Like us) and sites that are not. The long and short of it is, if you're sensible with what information you permit sites to receive, Facebook login is a really great tool.

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We only gain access to your public profile and email address, and you can fully control what we have access to. We can not post to your profile, and we can not access your friends list.

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