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What University did Shaquille O'Neal attend?

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What NBA team drafted Shaq 1st overall in 1992?

Question 3 of 11

How tall is Shaquille O'Neal?

Question 4 of 11

What was the name of Shaq's 1st Album?

Question 5 of 11

In which movie did Shaq co-star with Nick Nolte?

Question 6 of 11

Which Greek Philosopher is Shaq nicknamed for?

Question 7 of 11

Shaquille O'Neal won his first NBA Championship as a member of what team?

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Shaq has a side career as a singer in what type of music?

Question 9 of 11

Off court, Shaquille O'Neal has maintained a high level of interest in the workings what?

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While with the Los Angeles Lakers, Shaquille O'Neal had ongoing disagreements with what teammate?

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In what category does Shaq rank among one of the NBA's all-time lowest?

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How well do you know Shaq Fu aka Shaquille O'Neal?

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